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The Giants had a good core offense with Collins, Barber, Toomer, and Hilliard over the past few seasons. Last year they were bad because of massive injuries and a horrible offensive line. At midseason they were a disappointing 4-4. The team gave up and went 0-8 the second half of the year. That is why they got rid of Fassell (sp?).

Coughlin will demand discipline. I don't know how he will handle the fumble problems that Tiki has. It might open the door back up for Dayne to do something. Collins is gone, and Eli isn't ready for primetime (regardless of what the media and Manning family tell you). I still think Toomer is one of the most explosive receivers in the league. The question is who will be throwing the ball, Kurt Warner?

The defense is had some turnover and isn't anything special. I still wonder what they will do with their makeshift offensive line.

They have all the makings of a 6-10 to 7-9 team that could be a bit better if Coughlin is able to get that offense back on track. Even when they were "good" offensively, though, turnovers were always a problem. Tom won't let that continue.
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