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Originally Posted by Hervoyel
True that Ibar, One thing I've been thinking about is that maybe we're all way off base about more than one team scoring a playoff slot from the AFC South. I think with the Jags and Texans so improved, and the Colts still very good, and the Titans still able to knock you off at any time maybe we're all going to just beat each other up and the Wild Cards might come from the other divisions that don't have the depth of ours.
Actually I think another factor we are familar with is coming into play for a number of teams. That's the injury factor. A number of the leaders are beginning to have problems with injuries and this may be the year of who has the least key injuries. NY is certainly playing better than a lot thought and they may knock off the Vikes. A lot of the races are starting to tighten up and I think its going to be who is hot in December that determines the playoff spots. Even NE could suddenly loose 4 in a row, not likely, but don't under estimate what can happen in the NFL. Knock on wood we seem to be improving our position week by week despite the horrible start. May be it was a lesson well learned.
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