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Originally Posted by Double Barrel
Appreciate the stats.

But they just reinforce the fact that Reliant is selling a lot of seats, too (I'm only defended my home turf :hehe: ).

Our average is 70,571 this year, even though the official capacity of Reliant Stadium is only 69,500!!

However, now that you bring up the stats, why is the 2003 average for JAX only 53,509?! You are 31 out of 32 that year (with Houston at 10th that year).

Let's dig deeper: 2002 JAX average is 56,277?! (Houston is 9th that year)

Or 2001 JAX average is 60,442?! (Houston did not have a team that year)

hmmmmm...interesting to note that our average attendance for 2 1/2 years is GREATER than our stadium's "official" capacity...and JAX stadium is...well...NOT averaging near it's capacity.

I do appreciate the information. Too bad it does indicate who speaks out of their assumption!
Well, to be fair you would have to compare those numbers with Jacksonvilles in there first 3 years as well. When the newness wears off and a team starts to lose a few attendence goes down. I am not sure what Jacksonville's attendence was like in their first 3 years, but I am sure you will see a difference.
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