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While we are on the subject of Stadium smack, I have been to a few and can offer my experience as a Chiefs/Titans fan. Arrowhead once was the loudest stadium in the NFL. I havent been there in a few years and it is still loud but not having been there im not sure if it as loud as it once was. The RCA dome is not loud, the Titans fans made more noise than the Colts fans the times that I was there. The Colesuem in Nashville once was almost as loud as Arrowhead but lately has the atmoshere of a golf gallery. Tiger Woods could tee off at midfield when the opposition has a critical 3rd and 5 and not have any complaints. I hate to smack my own but sometimes its gotta be done. People say its because they are losing but it wasnt very loud the second game of the year vs the Colts when they were 1-0 so that argument doesnt hold water. The fact is a lot of Titans fans are complacent and spoiled. Hopefully some lean times will send those that sit on there hands packing and get some fresh blood in there. I have never been to Relient or Alltell but I know they both can be loud. Some players I have heard interviewed say Relient is almost as loud as Arrowhead. Alltell was once a very loud and tough place to play because the Chiefs always had trouble with it being loud back in the mid-late 90's. BTW I heard they were going to bring in the Tarp next year to cover thousands of seats at Alltell. Im not sure if that is true or not.
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