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Originally Posted by TexanExile
Good stat! I'm glad to see he's leading the league in something other than "games missed due to drug suspensions" this year. Could've been embarrassing if the guy tried to snort up one of the yard lines during the game.

Seriously, Jimmy'll get his catches on Sunday (and I AM actually glad he got his act together). He's a phenomenal talent. But we all should know which QB leads the league in COMPLETIONS of 25+ yards. HINT: It ain't Byron, it ain't Daunte, and it doggone sure ain't Peyote Manning. It's the guy who'll be launching it over Jacksonville's secondary this weekend.
Drug suspension, wow, that's funny.

So glad the Texans are starting to field a team, not made up of ex-Jag players. So, how is Wynn and Payne again? Are they still limping, and how is TBo?

By the way, Marc Bulger still plays for St Louis. I found him with 28 complete passes over 25 yards or more. If I am not mistaken, or read the stats wrong, Carr has 21

Oh yeah, Grid, the Jags are 5 and 2, 2 wins at 'loud' stadiums and 3 and 1 on the road. You guys are what, 3 and 3, and 1 and 2 at home? Guess the Jags have the stat that means the most, that would be what, wins and losses
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