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Originally Posted by Lucky
I don't want to come off as jocking Wand, but he does have as much experience in NFL games as Milford Brown does. I'm not sure how Brown became such a savvy vet after 2 games. And I'm not sure if Seth would look any more lost and confused than Milford did in the Saints game. If Wand is too raw to play LG, the Texans should find another tackle, as well. Because Wand is just a Pitts injury away from protecting Carr's blindside.

Going back to my original point, no one has firmly established himself as the player to beat at LG. If there is a favorite, it would have to be Todd Washington who started 14 games in '03 and re-signed for a $500K bonus. But who really knows who will come to the forefront through mini camps, training camp, & the preseason games? To my knowledge, no one posting here has seen the Texans run even skeleton drills with the new blocking scheme. Anyone who states that Brown or any one else will be the LG is just speculating (I'm certainly not suggesting anything else). The Texans have a cadre of potential LGs, but none may be the answer. If they're loaded at anything at LG, it's with question marks.
Just curious Lucky, but do you have a copy of the Saints game to watch? I don't, but I do remember that Brown was doing a pretty good job until he blew his knee out. His replacement did look a little lost if I remember correctly, and it was either Weary or Washington that replaced him. I think Brown went out pretty early, so I think you are mistaking one of the others for him.
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