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Default Damnnnnn

Originally Posted by Grid
Well here is one way to look at it.

our strength is our passing game.. and your passing defense is 22nd in the league.

Above you is Tennessee and Oakland.. 2 teams we have beaten. Below you is Detroit and San Diego.. the first two teams we played and lost too, but honestly most texans fans arent counting those games since we were not "ourselves" at that time.

Also below you is Minnesota.. who beat us on the strength of their offense.. but just barely.

you have a great run defense.. but at this point our running game only has to be good enough to make you consider it.. not be dominant. And it is good enough to do that.

So.. if you think about it. We have played 2 of the best offenses in the game in Minnesota and KC... beating one and almost beating the other.. your offense is not close to theirs (you are 15th, they are 1st and 5th) And we have played two passing defenses above yours, and won.

SO.. looking at it from a statistical standpoint.. we have you beat on both offense and defense.

Now.. to be fair, lets look at it from your standpoint.

You have played against one passing offense better than ours, Indi, and won. You have also played alot of rushing offenses better than ours, KC, SD, Ten, Indi, and Denver (btw, did you know we have a higher ranked rushing offense than you? we average more yards per game and have 5 tds to your 4)

these teams have a better passing defense than us: KC, Tennessee, Denver, and Buffalo. and EVERY team you played had a better rushing defense than us.

So then.. statistically you could say that we have the worst defense you have come up against.. and are about average as offenses you have played goes.

Here is the kicker though.

We have the "worst" rushing defense.. yet we shut down tennessee who has a rushing offense far bette than yours. we have the worse passing defense.. yet 2 of the teams we beat have a higher passing offense than yours.

SO.. what can we deduce from all this?

stats dont mean ****.. and we are still going to win.
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