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Our (Jags) bye week is next week. After that, it will be easier to see the standings.

As I understand it:

IF we win this weekend (and that is big "if"), we will enter the bye week at 6-2. And IF (again an "if"), the Colts win their next two, the Colts at 6-2 will be in first place because of point differentials (they beat us by 7, we beat them by 3) and identical division records, each having 1 Division loss.

IF we lose and the Colts win the next two games and you win next week, you will be in second because of Division win/losses.

IF the Colts loose... see what I'm saying. This is a (as we say in Jacksonville) a "cat" fight.

Anyway, you are right. We''ll have to see what it looks like after the Jags' bye week.
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