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Originally Posted by ledzeppelin269
The problem is their is too much focus on the running game when Davis is in. I don't have a doubt in my mind Davis is the better RB, but the offense needs focus around the passing game and our extremely talented and deep group of WRs. Spread out those LBers and back up the Safeties a little and Davis will have a field day.

Also don't forget the zone blocking is steadily improving with experience, so those first two games are hard to compare with the last couple. I think this weekend will be really telling as to how much the line has progressed and which back can really get it done.
I agree that when DD is in there everyone focuses on him, and that's why the running game had been difficult. But also, DD IS THE BETTER BACK. Watch the film! If you watch Wells hit the hole and then DD hit the hole, the difference is like night and day. No one on our team hits the hole quicker and stronger than DD, but the fact is, nothing opens up for him! I contribute that to 1) Oline is not doing very good and 2) we're being way too predictable on offense. Right now, I can tell you the first play we are going to run: Ace formation, run in-between the tackles. We have got to be less predictable and the Oline has got to open up some holes. I think Wells is doing better because the D doesn't consider him to be a great threat. He'll pick up some yards, but he will be contained with a minimal amount of effort. Oline had got to step it up, because I don't believe that its DD's fault! Like I said, look at tape and tell me that DD is not as Wells. You are fooling yourself.

However, I do believe in benching him if he fumbles. We can win with Wells, we can't win if DD fumbles. Unfortunatley, all 3 of our backs have had a tendency to fumble the ball.
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