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First of all, I also thought our industrious young kicker was pretty funny last week. Cut him some slack... he's a kicker, and kickers aren't football players.

Second of all, the general consensus among the fans from both sides on this thread is that the two teams are "even" in special teams. I'm not going to announce my own judgement on this because I haven't seen the texans enough to be fair. I will however, say that the Jaguars have achieved a DRASTIC improvement in their kick/punt coverage teams, which has been a HUGE factor in their winning ways. In our game last week, I believe the average starting field position for the Jags was their own 36, as opposed to the 18 for the Colts. This is an often overlooked aspect of the game these days, and with the leagues parity, sometimes field position makes the difference. This ought to be considered in comparing our two teams. How are the coverage teams for the Texans?

All things considered I'm predicting a Jags win, because I think we are continuing to improve... and because we've kinda got the magic right now. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see the Texans win in a close one, but for now I'm going to say Jags 24 - Texans 16.
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