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Originally Posted by rittenhouserobz
To refresh some memories.
1. JJ getting hit on a fair catch
2. DC getting clothslined

Are there any other "dirty" moves that can be recalled?
I have to disagree with this moving on stuff. Bad blood from previous matchups is the spice of a rivalry. Locker room fodder if you will. Fans and players use it more than you would like to admit. Heck! some players make up stuff just to get the blood goin. SD thought we kept the roof closed to get ready for the Lions and they used that BS as motivation. The cheap shot on JJ is perfect motivational tool for the next years matchup. After all, that is the real deterant to shots like that..the fear that it will be done to you as payback. No freebies! Actually, I wasnt so mad myself about it till i saw the Jville coach give him an "atta-boy" when he ran to the sidelines after the play. As far as it being a key issue for the game Sunday.....not even close.
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