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Originally Posted by Jagsbch
Ernest was aquired in the 4th round, via a trade with the Ravens.

I don't care who is covering him, all I have to say is you are going to have to put more than one CB on Jimmy to keep him from cranking out those 65 yard grabs. Fact is neither your ol timer or the rookie will be able to manage Jimmy alone. Capers I am sure is well aware of this. So while the defense tied up in double coverage the whole game with Jimmy, Byron will pick away at the rest of your defense with the other 9 receivers he has been averaging the past 4 games.

This offense is getting better by the week, and to add to the assault there's our running game that is just getting off the ground thanks to the return of Kyle Brady. Bragging about trying to stop a QB who is on fire to less than 200 yards is Asinine. 15 straight completions in the first half last week, Byron beat Marks record by 4. Your defense is going to be in a world of trouble, after Byron quiets down the crowd early in the game.
Don't forget you were up against one of the worst defenses in the league last week as well. I'm sorry, but our recieving core is way better. You just can't deny that. I could say the exact same thing as you. No one on your team can stop AJ, TRUST ME. You'll double AJ, and we'll pick you off with Armstrong and Gaffney. We have one of the top recieving cores in the league. Top 7 at least.

However, I do believe that we are probably the underdogs coming into this game. Defensively, I'd take a better front 7 than a better secondary (advantage Jags). Plus, I wouldn't be able to argue that Leftwich is a better QB than Carr. Carr has better numbers no doubt, but Byron has more W's. Byron has consistently come up in clutch situations to win games, something that is way more important than stats. I really think Leftwich is the best of the so called "young QBs", with Carr coming in at 2nd. Another reason why we're probably the underdog is that I think our O-line is still crappy. We have no holes for our running game (no way that its because of Davis underperforming), and Carr could be in trouble at any moment in the game. With a better O-line, I would say that it would be even.

When everything is said, as a Texans fan: advantage Jags. Don't worry though, we'll find some way to win!

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