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Originally Posted by Grid
well from what i remember.. McNair is not himself a HUGE football fan.. and I dont beleive he considers the Texans to be "his baby".. didnt he bring Football back to houston for a friend of his that passed away, or something along those lines?

This is not a knock on mcnair.. i love mcnair, he is awesome .. just pointing out that.. if i have these facts straight.. it doesnt seem to me that he would go WAY out of his way to empty his pockets into this team.
Nobody ( except Howard Hughs or someone like him ) spends a record amount of money(300million ?) to obtain an NFL franchise for "a friend of his that passed away,..." McNair, as a business man, has to protect his investment and for that reason alone will reach down to buy the best players. The facilities that the Texans orgianization built cost more to maintain than say the Steelers facilities. I am remeinded of an old saying I like to use, " Its not what you make, its what you get to keep." The Texans may bring in more revenue but they have a lot more money going out as well. It is all a moot point anyway, they won't enter a year without a cap anytime soon.
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