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an interesting article i read.....

The interesting things about this are that there is no cap in 2007 if the labor agreement is not changed, the current agreement expires in 2008. Secondly Houston falls into one of the 8 teams that are considered to have unfair advantages.

Gene Upshaw told NFL owners Wednesday that he believes eight powerful teams have obtained an unfair advantage over the other 24.
Here is what our owner had to saw about it.

High-revenue owners don't agree.

"The union is using published information on gross revenues, and we are looking at net income," Houston's Bob McNair said. "The high-revenue teams are also the ones that have invested heavily in their franchises, so when you look at what money we have at the end of the day, the disparity isn't of the significance that some people would have you believe."
I wonder how much money McNair can really pump into the team, how many free agents could he bring in if there was no cap? How deep are those pockets, really.
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