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Hey, I'm all for the forgive-and-forget school of thought, but consider this: long-term rivalries, the really GOOD ones, are often based on irrational emotions. I know Cowboys fans who HATE the Redskins because of perceived foul play; also, how about the time that Buddy Ryan (when he was with the Eagles) put a bounty on one of the Cowboys when Philly came to Dallas? Dallas fans have yet to put that one behind them.

So yeah, I'm all for the respect your opponent aspect of the game; I try to teach my son to be respectful of the other team AND their fans, and a great example of that was when we went to KC several weeks ago and he got to see how the KC fans attitudes slowly changed for the worse as the clock ticked off the final minutes of the game.

But I digress. Someday, somehow, the Texans are gonna get a 'real' rivalry going with someone; a true, hate-your-guts, sins-of-the-past sorta rivalry. I don't see the Jags or even the Titans filling that role yet; it's gonna take a bitter loss in a meaningful game for that to happen. (Texans v. Cowboys, Sep '02 has been the only meaningful game we've played, IMHO, and we won that one.) In the meantime, we're all still friends around here, huh?

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