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Originally Posted by georgewashington
thats a stupid comment, the chiefs ran at him and he played terrible and was pulled. how would that game make the vikings and titans afraid of him? i doubt that anyone in the NFL is afraid of running at him. I am sure they would much rather run at wong who makes ridiculous plays every game right? why is it also the other teams always run their draws and bootlegs to his side? cuz he bites on them

Ok after reading this thread a few times I think I'm ready to try out for linebacker ... I know exactly what to do and not to do ..... I want you George to be my agent if you're not to busy with Peek ... I'm a bit out of shape but what the heck ..... let's see ...... don't fall down, don't bull rush every play, don't bite on run fakes but make sure I pursue, .... awww forget it, that's way too much to remember ... I'll stick to drinking beer and yelling during the game ....
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