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Originally Posted by texan279
How does it spell disaster? Compare their stats, compare our teams performance when Wells plays vs. Davis, compare our turnover ratio when Wells plays vs. Davis.

Game 1 vs. San Diego, Davis starts, 4 turnovers, Texans loss.
Game 2 vs. Detroit, Davis starts, 3 turnovers, Texans loss.
Game 3 vs. Kansas City, davis starts, plays first half, 1 turnover first half, Houston losing 7 to 6. Wells comes in second half, no turnovers, Houston wins 24-21.
Game 4 vs. Oakland, Wells starts, plays entire game, 1 turnover the entire game, Houston wins 30-17.
Game 5 vs. Minnesota, Davis starts, plays entire game, no turnovers, Texans lose.
Game 6 vs. Titans, Davis starts, plays 1st half, 2 turnovers 1st half, Houston up 13-10 halftime. Wells plays second half, no turnovers second half, Texans win.

ok i see your point but in game 6 davis had nothing to do with the 2 turnovers,,,it was Carr so i dont think that can be put on davis,,,plus we still had the lead. Give him a break he'll be healthy this week for the jags game get 125 yars and this thread will disappear for ever with yall hoping noone finds it !!! Davis is in a slump he will come out of it and produce well for us !
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