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Originally Posted by Grid
eh..i dunno.. the colts have made it deep into the playoffs plenty of times and their offense is comparable to ours.. and defense is worse than ours.

If Davis gets back into his old groove.. and we continue to use our passing game well.. and our defense continues to improve.. AND we win games like this sundays.. we could go deep into the playoffs.. not going to say more than that cause i dont want to jinx us.. heck.. saying we are going into the playoffs might jinx us... ack!
Not to start an arguement, but, your offense is only compared to the colts by your fans. Straight up, outside of St Louis, no one, not even the Vikes, have an offense that compares to the Colts. They do it week in and week out. They don't show up when they want to, they are their each week. Ready to put up big numbers.

If Davis gets back into his old groove, there would be no reason to throw the ball. The only reason why you have a passing game, is because Carr is having to carry, which is ok, the texans. If Davis was healthy, Capers would be playing smash mouth football.
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