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Default Cheap shots

You know, this is your board, you run it the way you want to, but I am here to discuss this, as it seems like it is the ONLY thing some people talk about. I am not gonna call anyone out, by name, but do have something to say about it.

Does anyone here, other then me, think we can get past this issue? Or is this the only issue that matters? I have tried hard to ignore this issue, but seem to find in every other post in every other thread, something about. Let it die already. Stop living in the past. Both your fan base, and Jags fan base have been very good at talking about our rising stars, and look forward to future years, when we will be on top of the division, battling it out year after year. The Colts and tack on the other hand, only have prior years to look forward to. Next year the piper comes a calling for the Colts, and this year he has already come for the Tacks. The structures of both of the teams there are the worst in football. The two model franchises, bar none, are the Jags and Texans.

Cheaps shots are the ones you see like last night, when Foster takes out Williams. Cheap shots are the ones you don't see coming. Where someone is gone for the year after the play.

So fans, let's move forward, and stop looking at the past. Many of you do that here, many of you still want to dwell on the past.
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