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Originally Posted by UCFJag
Hmmmm i go to say i believe i know where this game is going.
Jacksonville is ocming off of a HUGE victory. The players are extremely pumped at this point and ready to show the nation they are for real. The win at Indy proved that a win this week would catapult them to a possible dividion favortie. That coupled with the talent i see in this team make this a tough game to be "logical" about. I beliee Jacksonville will explode this week. I hate to say it (or you texan fans sake) but i think the win over Indy really got this Offense going. I hope i'm right, you hope i'm wrong.

My PIck

now all of you can get mad at me and tell me i'm wonrg. But thats hwo i feel. I also knew they would win the Indy game this time last week, just a gut feeling.
Your right. Since Jville beat Indy by 3 i think they are going to win all there remaining games and the SB too. :hehe: :hehe:
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