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Originally Posted by Dante's Inferno
Offense vs. Offense: The Jaguars offense certaintly has looked good these last few weeks, especially upcoming QB Byron Leftwich. With his last four games now of nearly 300 or more (one game of 298), he's been nominated for Player Of The Week twice and been givin Chris' game ball once. He appears to have hit his stride and is currently dominating. On the other side, we have David Carr, another apparently up and coming quarterback with the ability to move the football. Face it, the man ain't bad. However, the question has even been raised by Texan fans on this board, "Which is the better quarterback?" My opinion is that Byron Leftwich is the better of the two. When it comes to running back, however, the players don't quite match up so well. Fred Taylor, a pick for future Hall of Famer and easily a Top 10 rusher in today's NFL, has, although getting off to a slow(ish) start, still has 501 yards with an average of 4.1 YPC. On Houston's side, all three rushers have been effective, but have a poor YPC and that puts more pressure on Carr. The recieving corps match up evenly, squarely, and perfectly. My edge goes to Jacksonville.
That makes perfect sense saying that the Jags have scored 122 points in 7 games while the Texans have scored 138 points in 6 games. And the Texans have averaged 359.8 yards per game while the Jags have averaged 362.1. And it makes even more sense when you think about how the WR Corps of the Texans is their strong suit on offense while the Jags weakness on defense is their secondary...

Coaching: Sorry everyone, but I think Jack Del Rio has an advantage in this category. Capers is an OK coach but I like Del Rio's aggressive play calling ans just his coaching in general more than I do Capers. For example, no offense, but I doubt Capers would have challenged the Harrison touchdown in the Dolts game. Edge, Jacksonville
Was the leap over the top last year from the one yard line with no time left conservative???

Capers would of challenged that call, he challenges calls that dont get overturned, he would of challenged that...

Overall: Right now, the Jaguars seem to have everything going for them, but is it all smoke and mirrors? Personally, I think not and, while the Texans are a good team getting better (the Jaguars and Texans will soon run the AFC South), I still see a Jacksonville victory the Jacksonville way: keep the score close, win late. Jaguars 21-17.
Is it forgotten that the Texans have had a couple of last second wins this year: Against the Chiefs and the Titans. If it werent for 4 Davis turnovers in the first 2 games, we could easily be 5-1 (but we are not).

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