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Originally Posted by Marcus
In order to get an accurate comparison, go back to 2002, the expansion year, where you had that 'wonderful' offensive line, rookie running backs Baxter and Jonathan Wells, a rookie receiver Jabar Gaffney along with Corey Bradford, a Green Bay reject. Remove Carr, insert Leftwich. If you think Leftwich wiould have done better, well then there you go. Your question is answered.

Take the Jaguars last year. They had an established offensive line, good receivers, and Fred Taylor in the backfield. Duh! Remove Leftwich, insert Carr. If you think Carr wouldn't have done as well, there you go. Your question is answered.

I got a question for ya. Who's better . . . Leftwich or Peyton Manning? Who won the game yesterday?

Ahhhhhhhhhh! It must be one of those team things.
I do feel better already. You have put some perspective on the issue in a manner that I didn't really think about.
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