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Originally Posted by TsJagman
Although I will go along with everything else you have stated, have to point out that the WR's the Jags have are a bit better. I am gonna give the Jags the edge due to the fact we have 5 guys that Lefty can throw it to at any time, and this is not including the Jags, so far, not so great 1st round pick. I did group our TE's together, so it would be TE/WR's.

Everything else, right on the money. There is a slight edge on LB's, the reason I give you guys the edge, you employ more on the field at one time. Not a huge edge, but one none the less.
Carr has four guys he can throw it to and as of right now:

Andre Johnson > Jimmy Smith
Jabar Gaffney > Reggie Williams
Corey Bradford > Troy Edwards
Derick Armstrong > Earnest Wilford
Billy Miller < Kyle Brady

I really dont see how you can think that Leftwitch has a better WR corps than Carr.

On the LBs crew, I gave the edge to the Texans because of Jamie Sharper.

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