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Originally Posted by Bill's/TexanFan
... Some people seem to feel that if we call Hollings a 3rd rounded it lessens the sting ...
No sting to lessen (it's not like the Texans lost to a team from a city they used to call home ... now that would sting!). I just wanted to correct your misinformation.

The Texans 2004 2nd round pick was used to draft Babins (after trading other picks to the Tacks to move this pick up into the 1st round). Texan fans know this pick wasn't used for Hollings ... an extra pick was used for Hollings.

Texan fans are pleased the to have Wells, Davis and Hollings (three 4th round draft picks allocated by the NFL, IMO) as their RBs, although everyone has a different opinion has to how to develop them and which will emerge as the franchise RB. I put my faith in the team (coaches and Casserly) that is developing Carr and Johnson (and selected Hollings).

If you put all your eggs in one basket, like the Tacks did with Chris Brown, you run the risk that a 3rd string safety will knock him out of the game early and you'll drop to 4th in the division. Bummer.

For those people who wish the Texans weren't developing something special here in Houston (the hindsight group), it must drive them crazy that we drafted a David Carr and not a Tim Couch and an Andre Johnson and not a Peter Warrick.
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