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Originally Posted by Mistril48
Actual Texans fans will remember that the Texans traded their 2nd 4th round pick in the 2002 draft (the one after Wells) to get an extra 3rd round pick in 2003. Next, they traded one of their extra 3rd round picks in 2003 (along with the Mr. irrelevant pick) to the Raiders for the Raiders 2nd round pick in 2004. This pick was exercised by the Texans near the end of the second round of the supplimental draft in 2003 (meaning that Hollings signed a contract as if drafted near the end of the second round). The huge benefit to the Texans of this was that although it was a 2004 pick they used, they had the benefit of Hollings being in training camp and with the team all through 2003, a year longer than most 2004 picks.

Don't be fooled. This is nothing like Julius Jones being a (true) 2nd round draft pick, out for the season with an injury. Hollings is healthy and will play this year.
I remember fighting a battle once before with the issue being in which round Tony Hollings was selected. My point then was the same as now....regardless of all the trades & movement the selection still ended up being a 2nd rounder. Some people seem to feel that if we call Hollings a 3rd rounded it lessens the my opinion it does not and I still believe the Texan's wish they had gone another direction with that selection.
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