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Originally Posted by Tayton
In the first 2 games Davis was in the top 5 in NFL in total yards. If he doesn't fumble (and that's a big if) people would be talking about how special he is. No one on this board would disagree that the fumbles are unacceptable but I really feel that 2.9 vs. 3.7 is an function of the zone blocking scheme working better. Wells is doing nothing special nor doing anything different than he has done his first 2 years. If there isn't a whole he gets nothing, if there is then he gets a couple. If Davis continues to fumble or lets nagging injuries hinder his performance then make a change. Until then I personally think that the offense is better with Davis in the ball game. Just my opinion.

Well said, and I could'nt agree more.

If we do have to "make a change", it better be to someone other than Wells. I hope ol' John boy proves me wrong. I would like to see Wells turn into the type of back that his physical presense suggests he should be.
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