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Noob here.......but been watching this thread. And I must say that it's interesting to see that some TEXAN loyals are ready to jump wagon on a stud RB that can make huge plays, for a between the tackles runner that will get you short yardage with no big play ability what so ever. Have ya's asked why J Wells is getting better yardage? Could it be the fact that the opponents defenses study the game films and prepare for D Davis and his style of running, and then Wells comes in and they are unprepared. You let them study Wells some and he will not produce like he has recently. D Davis didn't earn the starting spot for his looks. The coaches see the difference, why else did they start Davis last week when he was less than 100%? Give Davis this week of rest and time to heal, and you will see why he's the #1 RB. His fumbles are a prob, but it's only due to the fact that he fights for evey yard he can get, while Wells just gets tackled at the spot of contact.

Just my 2 pennies worth.
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