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Originally Posted by Vinny
All I know is we have 3 RB's and no player that is clearly head and shoulders above his reserve. We saw a few exciting glimpses of Hollings, Davis has been good when healthy, and Wells is finally awake. I'm not counting any of these guys out. In a league where Rueben Droughns and Priest Holmes can make it big after 3-4 years on the bench, I will be patient with all our young backs.
I agree with these comments, but would add a couple of thoughts.

1) The reason we know that Denver could keep plugging RBs into their system is because their RBs kept getting injured and needed to be replaced over the years (note - I don't mean they were injury prone, but rather that the Emmitt Smiths of the world are few and far between. Typically, RBs have very sort careers compared to other positions, IMO) IT IS NOT A BAD THING TO HAVE THREE PRODUCTIVE RBs.

2) I believe that Davis and Wells do an excellent job of receiving out of the backfield and a good job of blocking on blitz pickup. I think Hollings is behind those two in these areas. This is to be expected IMO, because Hollings has had so little time at the RB position (only six games in college). The talent that Hollings has (speed) can't be taught and I anticipate that he will continue to develop the unsung RB skills (blocking and receiving) and will blosoom in the future.

3) IMO Davis has great vision and good quickness in the hole, as well as the unsung RB skills (blocking and receiving). He only lacks top end speed, but no doubt that is why he was available so late in the draft. His fumbling this year is unacceptable, but he hasn't had a big problem with fumbling throughout his career. I would not be surprised to see him string together a number of big games throughout the rest of the year.
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