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If Wells is better then Dominick then why hasn't the coaching staff noticed? Why isn't Dominick 2nd on the depth chart and Wells 1st?

I *can* admit this. In games 2, 3, and 4 - I was biting my nails when Dominick carried the ball worried about fumbles. But it is a phase. It is not as though it cant be fixed. And it will either be fixed or he'll be on the bench with Wells getting the lions share of the carries.

Having said that, you'll have a difficult time convincing me that Wells is a better back by stating that Dominick only has a 10 yard run this year. On the whole Davis is a better receiver, more explosive, is able to get the last few tough yards at the end of a run, and is more versatile then Wells is. There are times where I see Wells let up - go soft into a hole and tip toe through traffic rather then just grit it out, take the hit, and get the tough extra yards.

It is disenchanting at best.

One thing for sure is AJ is getting more passes to him with Wells in there and it has forced Carr to cut back on the number of check downs in the flat. With Wells in there - it has enabled our down field passing game to come to life. That has been an advantage that I have seen.

Anyhoo, we'll see what happens against Jacksonville with Dominick healthy.
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