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Originally Posted by texan279
Are you saying he has no talent? Are you saying that anyone can play RB for our team and put up Well's like numbers?
If the line opens holes, anyone can run through them. If the line contains to the inside, anyone can run around the end. What shows me talent is what you do when people are puttin' hats on you, what you do in the open field, and such. So yes, I would say that any journeyman RB in the league would get Well's like numbers in the same play executions that have occurred for Well's.

If Wells gets taclked when touched, I guess Davis will go down if you just look at him because Wells is averaging almost 1 yard more a carry than Davis.
Again, I think that this is not because of Wells' talent, but because the O-line had a good day and Davis would have had even more success under the exact same plays and circumstances. This is qualified by saying Davis must not fumble in these circumstances.
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