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After thinking about it for a while I do not believe there is a QB in the league I would trade Carr for right now. Including Culpepper and P. Manning. Carr has all the intangables and he is young. Carr is 1st class which is a must to play in Houston. Whiners dont last long around here. As much opportunity as there has been Carr has never finger pointed as have NONE of the Texans. Opposing teams have to make up stuff to get locker room fodder. I like 1st class teams and 1st class owners. As much as I hated the cowboys in the 70's and early 80's I did respect Tx Shramm and Landry for there class which reflected in there organizations strength and dominace. Free agents want to win and play for 1st class teams, some even take less money to play for well respected franchises. In todays free agency market NFL teams have to become recruiters much like college teams. Why did Peterson play for OU instead of Texas? Or Manning to NY instead of SD? Or Dream to the Rockets instead of Knicks? My point is Houston has always been a favorite among athletes but there teams have always been awfull. When a Houston franchise starts to succeed they get great free agent players. Only the Rockets have done it so far. Thus..Barkley,Pippin,Drexler,Eddie Johnson and now Tracy McGrady. The Texans will get a lot of quality free agent players in the future.
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