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Originally Posted by TexanExile
Sorry, it what you want, but they'll always be the OILERS. Which means a tradition of doing less with more is now being reborn in Nashville. (Nice city, by the way.) Rebuilding is at hand for the Oilers, which means the ugly, gnarled hand of Butt Adams is about to swat down your dreams for years to come.
The only Oilers I know now a days play at Edmonton.

But if you want to think that the TITANS still are named as you just overruled.
The Titans had settle up things in a better way...but nobody is God to forseen so many injuries. We have 12 injured players, not just a couple or three....12!

Some of them will recover and get back to help us, there are just 3 players at the IR list...I can include Tyrone Calico in that list, because his last surgery was a season ender for being added to the PUP list, is just making-up that situation. So we will see the rest players come back, eventually.
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