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Yes we do need better running....which team doesn't. It just hasn't been very effective and when that happens you need to ditch it or do it less cause it's just hindering you from sustaining drives and taking time off the clock, thus losing games.

I never thought it was Palmer's fault as too why we played so conservative. I've always blamed that on Capers. As an Offensive Coordinator I'd think that Palmer thoughout every game, hell...every OC, licks his chops to get some big plays in but since Capers is the main man and calls for the conservative game Palmers' hands are tied.

I think Capers has opened his eyes every since that Vikings game when the Texans had to pull together and string in a mass load of passing plays to get back in the game to score some points and have a chance. Capers had no choice and for that I'm greatful that the Texans were behind by such a huge margin against the most productive offense in the league cause now he can feel confident about his team's passing potential. I too hope though that they don't abandon the run as it's crucial to the team's success in not being a one dimensional team and being predictable as we were heading into this season as a rushing offense more than not. Hopefully the running game will come together sooner than not, I believe it will.
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