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nunusguy i would say that babin will play and start for us but its way too early to tell what he will do. the problem is that too many times teams gamble on players for that one small chance he will be amazing. Ryan Leaf for the chargers, the bengals years ago picked akili smith over culpepper and mcnabb, we will see what happens with the texans picking bennie. my point is that he has done nothing spectacular. and my point all along is that im tired of hearing him being touted as the second coming when he really hasnt done anything special. my other point is that by people saying peek "is coming along at a MUCH slower rate" is very inaccurate. how many plays did he screw up in this weekend? none, so how is that bad play. he is a good player that is going to be great whether it is with the texans or not, cuz if he doesnt get used by next year, he is a free agent that will be wanted by someone else. believe it or not many people projected him going a lot earlier than he did, some even had teams picking him late first round, early second. his motor is also high speed and he is pure intensity.
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