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Originally Posted by georgewashington
that is not something that is learned by playing time. taht is something developed in college that he should have
wow, another blatantly wrong statement. so what exactly CAN babin improve on through experiance?

Originally Posted by georgewashington
and also, i am not saying peek is the only one who can pull of a spin move, im not saying he is a perfect player. i am saying that based on play so far babin has not shown me any reason to believe that he should have been a first rounder, nor that he should be seen as playing so great this season.
i don't think you understand, jason babin has only played 6 games as an OLB, played solid for a rook and you take all that for granted because he's not lawernce taylor. but the icing on the cake is you think a very raw talent (in peek) who coming is coming along at a much slower rate in 2 years than babin in 6 games, should start ahead of him. if i come across as babin biased it's only because im trying to emphasize what i feel is obvious, babin is a better everydown OLB than peek.
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