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no my point is that he has the foot work ability to use the spin without falling, babin tries the spin almost every play and it has produced nothing when he uses it. He is successful with the bull rush, where he has collapsed the pocket, but he doesnt get off of the block when its time to make tackles. And when you watch babin do spins, he gets pushed over quite often. Someone else pointed out that he does spin moves way too much and they dont work. spin moves are effective when you work up the field and spin back inside, or you have to go straight inside and spin up. Babin goes in the middle and either has spun up too high or he spins right into the guard. but more than that its the lack of getting off of blocks, such as the wideout yesterday where he couldnt make a tackle coming in from outside on the left. there just seems to be a lack of hand and footwork. that is not something that is learned by playing time. taht is something developed in college that he should have. and also, speed is different than quickness, babin may have a 4.6, but that doesnt mean he is quick enough to react to things, both with his feet and hands.
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