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insanely biased? look at the stats, babin was given credit for one tackle. and in terms of speed, babin is 4.6 peek is 4.5. in terms of size peek is 250, the same as wong, and babin is 259. Im pretty sure these stats show there is no real difference in body types and their strengths are comparable when looking at rookie combine numbers. so i think that peek has stuff other than speed rushes, including a bull rush with some spins. Convenient that you forget his production last year, where he had good pass rush. So my bias may be to peek but dont kid yourself about yours to babin. so you may want to re-play your film back and watch babins lack of pursuit when the ball isnt near him, and also count how many times he is either pancaked, falls down by being pushed, or falls down on his own. he may become very good in the future but dont kid yourself about his great play right now, one tackle is not great play. he did rush steve on the one pass, that he should have had a sack on if he didnt fall, but in terms of him closing the pocket a lot better than peek, thats untrue
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