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Originally Posted by georgewashington
Thats a stupid thing to say. Peek had his speed rush up the field and them around the lineman twice, but steve got rid of it a split second before he got there. And babin may have gotten close but he fell down everytime before he could make the play. Also, how many tackles did babin have? babin also had the luxury of getting his pressure after running some stunts where he came in through the middle of the line after the DT and the ILB. Also, if you remember the time Babin was out left covering a Receiver on a run play, he couldnt get off the block of the receiver to come and make a tackle. Convenient you missed those plays in your observations
convenient you are insanley biased in your "observations". the only time i saw babin fall was on his near sack of mcnair. im watching babin specifically now for two reasons 1. i understand LB's bettter than DB's (so babin instead of dunta) and 2. to try and bring sense to threads like this. so babin having the ability to bull rush through TE/T with 4.6 speed and get right in mcnair's face by spinning to flush him is WORSE than peek just running upfield around the pocket "creating pressure"? i didn't get one inkling of indication that mcnair was at all concerned of peek and where he was coming from because he was an OLman's dream, takes himself past the the QB and isn't strong/big enough to get back upfield. but there are at least 3 plays where jason said "hello steve", two inside spins and the almost sack. and don't give me this "babin gets more reps" ****, weren't you the one arguing that peek does SO much more with his PT than babin? well, he didn't do much yesterday......
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