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being at the game, i can attest to what georgewashington said. babin again had a couple of chances at getting to the quarterback and then ending up on the ground. also noted that if he was out of the play, or if the play went opposite of him he would never pursue. say what you want about peek, but if you notice he is always around the ball when the whistle blows. if he isn't in the vacinity of the ball when the play starts, he hauls *** to where the ball ends up going. babin seems to be complacent to make an initial effort and then nothing after that.
it did seem that when peek was in the game, the pocket on pass plays did seem to collapse more often. there were times when he lined up as a down lineman on the end in a three man line when the nickel defense was in. i didn't notice babin doing that while he was in. i definitely liked seeing more rotation amongst the defense in general instead of the starters playing every down until they were exhausted.
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