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the thing i've seen the past few weeks is this...when we run the ball most of the time we're averaging only 2+ yds a carry...not counting the scrambles carr does where i think he's averaging something like 7+ yds a carry...and take today's game for example...davis isn't running well...i think today his avg was like just above 2...Well's was like 3.5 or something...personally if i was capers i would go with go with wells for the rest of the season til he shows he can't handle it...davis is having a horrible sophomore season

back to the topic...i've been one of the people beggin capers to throw it more often...mainly because you throw it to andre, armstrong, or gaffney we gain yards...lots of yards and it's fun to watch andre get rowdy on the field...but the main reason is because our runs aren't producing...if our backs not including carr were averaging 3.6 yds a carry it would be different...and for you stat savey guys out there look it up...a team that avg's 3.6 yds a carry win a lot more games than teams even with a run avg of me it seems that 3.6 is the cut off point...our backs need to find away to get to that point
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