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Originally Posted by Texan Gal 312
The one thing that will without a doubt take you to the bottom third of the league is changing coaching staffs every two to four years. Consistency over 3-4 years will bring EXECUTION. EXECUTION will bring success and wins...
I agree.

After 5 weeks, only 6 of the 32 NFL teams have had the stability of having the same head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and starting QB for three years, since 2002 (Pats, Colts, Eagles, Tacks, Saints and TEXANS). The winning percentage of these teams is 64.3%. On one hand, we are only in the third year of existence. On the other hand, we are one of the elite teams in the NFL in terms of organizational stability and consistency.

(note: to be fair, some of the teams who have changed a coordinator have done so as a result of the coordinator having been promoted to head coach of another team. IMO however, the change, regardless of reason, still results in adjustments. Also these teams (Pittsburgh, St Louis, etc) tend to have high winning percentages and if included with the Elite teams, wouldn't alter the obvious conclusion that stability leads to winning)
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