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Originally Posted by aj.
AJ is one of the most targeted receivers in the NFL. According to Stats Inc., he has been the intended receiver 51 times in the Texans 5 games. Of the top ten WRs in the league, AJ is second only to Isaac Bruce who has been targeted 56 times...
Good post ... the kind of information we don't normally see.

I would again add the comment that I can't believe that posters are critical of the way that Johnson is used. Isn't it possible that the guys(Casserly/Capers/Palmer) who selected and have developed:

a) Carr to the extent that in only his 3rd year, he is leading the AFC in passing yds, yds/gm and yds/att; and

b) Johnson to the extent that in only his 2nd year (although he came out as a junior), he is leading the AFC in receiving yds;

should be trusted to know how to use them.
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