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Originally Posted by FatBoyTim
I think they have drafted well.
I agree with you and tried to convey that with my comment: "I would add (without being able to substantiate it) that I believe that Tacks GM, Floyd Reese is well respected and that many people would acknowledge that they do an excellent job in player evaluation." You could also argue that it is their ability to develop talent rather than draft talent that they do best, but I offer no opinion on that

Originally Posted by FatBoyTim
the big issue is the texans drafted extremely high in all three of their drafts and the titans have drafted extremely low ... Look at CBrown in round three. That is a homerun. He has played 5 games and has 556 yds already. Davis played 10 games and had 1000. Brown is on pace to blow up 1000 yds by week 9 or 10.
The reason that the Texans drafted high and the Tacks low, is because the Tacks had a very good team, including a very good, veteran offensive line (so stable in fact that they haven't drafted an offensive linemen on the first day in the last 4 years). You seem to ignore this fact when you compare Domanick Davis to Chris Brown. Isn't it possible that the Tacks offensive line is responsible for some of Chris Brown's production (10 yard more / game i.e. 550 in 5 game compared to 1000 in 10)
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