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Originally Posted by Nawzer
I said before that Seth Payne is the key to our defense. The NT is key player in the 3-4 defense and if Seth can't regularly open up holes for the LBs then the othe team will be able to run all over us and that's what is happening. It's tough for Payne to comeback to his old form but I don't see him improving much. We'll have to wait till next year to see the old Payne back.
He hasn't to open up holes for them primary, he simply has to hold his position and be able to cover both gaps. It's also part of the ILB's job to burst through or hit the RB at the LOS.

IMO the problem is Walker. Aging and probably overpaid, but essentially not the anchor on that side that he needs to be.

Another factor is, that Babin is still a rookie and learning. It took Jevon Kearse a lot of time to be more than a pass rusher. At this point were only can be improvement.
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