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Originally Posted by Grid
well id expect BDPA (best defensive player available).. unless an offensive juggernaut just falls into our lap.

I dunno.. how big a cap hit would he be? would we be better off keeping him since Aaron Glenn cant be staying with us that much longer?

If we DO intend to let him go.. I kinda wish we would have put him on the market and traded him before the deadline.. he has been an AWESOME CB for us.. and I KNOW there are teams out there who would have given a 2nd rounder for him, maybe a 1st. We have Marlon Mcree (very underrated FS) backing him up.
First priority should be a be a NT, but as far the scouing reports go, there isn't any to plug in next year. So the priority switches Oline.

The Oline needs another blood infusion without paying FA money. Wade is ok, but a Rookie is more cap friendly. Get one and it will payoff big time in the following years.

And Honestly, nobody will give away even a 2nd rounder for Glenn. Way too high concerning his age. Better keep him and look for another CB as replacement with at least a 2nd rounder. Best case would be alternating between Glenn and the Rookie, or the Rookie as a nickelback.

OLB is way more important than the ILB. All pressure is created from the outside rush, and the run can only be stopped by the LBs. Babin have to develop, so that will only get better. Go for another Lb to gain depth at LB or another OLB for the spot of Wong with a 3rd.
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