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Originally Posted by texan279
If you think people are negative here, go visit the tacks MB sometime. That MB has been total chaos the last few weeks. A lot of the fans jumped off the wagon, but after last night a few jumped back on, but it is still quieter than I have ever seen it over there.
Some of them are just venting their frustrations, some of them give a very good approach of the things happening, some others want to see the Titans undefeated and going strong.

Is just all part of the learning process, but I asure you that all Titans fans are very enthusiastic, and some times that enthusiasm drops in the way side. Most of us at the T.O.M.B. , are fans from a team that has gave us great satisfactions, and that drop of bad luck kept us away from tieing the first SB in history, as it happened last year at NE frozen fridge they have as a stadium.

The great victory agianst GB, calmed our seas down, and it was right on time.
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