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Originally Posted by infantrycak
Many did not have him that high, but then again some did...
... and of course, it only takes one team to draft a player ahead of you, not every team.

Originally Posted by infantrycak
Prior to the season, I wanted Wong to take Foreman's spot inside at some point and put Peek at ROLB. Problem is Foreman has stepped up his game quite a bit this year.
I look at it like Babin is doing well and having him at LOLB has allowed Wong to play ROLB and I believe he is playing better at ROLB than he did at LOLB. In this way, you can look at the Babin pick as a 2 for 1, in the same way Dunte Robinson was a 2 for 1 (Coleman could move to FS).

In regards to Peek, I like our situation this year. I believe that that the Texans feel they have 4 plus 1 spare and that Peek will start as soon as 1 of the 4 gets hurt (hopefully doesn't). In the meantime, he can be a rush end and get experience.

Originally Posted by infantrycak
By the way, was it just me or did Babin get completely raped by the refs not calling holding on the 1st Moss TD?
It's was a really bad no call, but so was the hit on Carr's head by Steve Martin. How tough is it for a ref to figure out that you have to pay attention to former players hitting the QB in the head. The worst call, though, was the phantom holding call on Chester Pitts in overtime after the nice change of pace run by Davis, IMO.
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