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Originally Posted by Vinny
I've been "talking football" with my friends since I was in grade school. That's living and dying with my favorite team, talking about their strengths and picking apart their weakness in parts of 4 decades. A little venting or some exchanges on the worth of a player, the gameplan or a system/scheme is all a part of being a fan. This is what this board is for and I hope that people will continue to come here and discuss their thoughts on the team. Good or bad, positive or negative....just back up your take with some facts and stand behind your views.

A billion "yay team" posts makes a miserable football forum.
We have to have some expectations out of the players and coaches, as Vinny said this what this board is for. This team didn't perform up to the talents they have...yes we have people here that flip flop more than fish out of the water or Bill Clinton on draft and sex issues. When we win they say we are the best team in the league and when we lose then the fire coaches posts starts to pop up. This team could have easily been 5-0 or 0-5. I think the players are confused by the play calling as much as we have been from day one. I really don't like the way the coaches when they play not to lose instead of lets blow this team out of this world kinda of mentality. It's like playing prevent defense.
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