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Looking at the numbers there are some very interesting numbers

22 Joey Harrington, ya we made the right pick

27 Michael Vick, The QB i hate most in the NFL great to see him not paning out and being a BAD QB

23 Steve McNair, Titans dont have much a passing game or McNair is now on that downward slop and his career is almost over

Carr is fighting for a pro bowl spot but he wont get one because the 1 open spot will goto the New York Jets media err Pennington

Manning is a lock
Brady is a lock
the 3rd spot is open
Steve McNair is playing like trash but he may get in off his past work

Chad Pennington is playing ok and he lives in the largest Media market and with the east coast Biasis he should make make it if people wake up and see Steve is playing bad this year

David Carr is doing more for his team then about any other QB but Manning, but the team is only 2-3 so his chances are low even if he is playing better then any other QB in the AFC but Manning
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