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what you fail to realize, is that pot (THC) metabolizes in fat cells. basically, it stays in you system for nearly 30-40 days from usage. Different metabolisms dissapate it at different rates, but you cannot tell if someone got blunted in his car before a game, or smoked at a concert 20 days prior from a U/A. Cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines, and barbituates dissapate in 2-7 days to undectable amounts. If you take 2 200lb men and one smokes 1 joint, and the other does 12 grams of blow, in 14 days the guy who smoked pot will fail a U/A and the coke user will pass, even on a Texas DOT U/A. Not a single one of you could credibly tell if Ricky was blazing on his way to a mini camp, or it is residual from weeks prior unless you take a follow up to determine the rate of dissapation. (23 nanograms at initial failure;19 two weeks subsequently;12 two weeks after that...etc.) you are ignorant to assume that Ricky was getting twisted right before an important game or practice. Put your autographed "Playmakers" DVDs away!!!
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